We’ve all heard about computer viruses and spy ware, but for some reason we all assume that it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, we are all more at risk than we realize because every time you get on the Internet you expose your personal information and the functioning ability of your computer to viruses. Visiting the wrong website, reading the wrong email, or downloading the wrong program will leave you and your computer wide open for the viruses to attack. Luckily, there are things that you can do to protect yourself.

First, virus protection should be your first priority when you buy a new computer. Before you install any other programs you’ll want to ensure that your computer is fully protected from the viruses that come in all shapes and sizes. If your computer is not new, it’s not too late. You should look into downloading programs such as Spybot, Norton Antivirus, Spysweeper, or the virus programs offered by McAfee. All of these programs will help you control what types of programs are allowed to run on your computer. Most of these programs can be set up so that they run every day at the same time. This means that you will have your computer swept clean of any suspicious or dangerous programs daily so that they do not have the time to affect your computer files in negative ways. These programs are highly effective and will most likely catch viruses and suspicious programs before they can invade your privacy and wall of protection. Most of these programs can be downloaded or purchased from your electronics retailer very inexpensively, making the retail price more than worth it.

It is also a great idea to align yourself with a web provider that helps you protect yourself from viruses. Most of the big web providers such as America Online scan each email before you open it for viruses and protect you from emails that have links and such in them so that you are not taken to a website that will put you at risk. The automatic scanning of emails really help eliminate the opportunity for you to become infected with any type of virus, big or small. When you have an Internet provider that does this along with at least one virus protection software program, you’ll see that you can stop the intrusion of your privacy and the corruption of your important files. If your corporation shares sensitive files throughout a large network, there are security options for cloud computing by Trend Micro that work to prevent unauthorized intrusions and the spreading of malware.

As you can see, protecting your computer from viruses isn’t all that difficult, it just takes some thought and planning. If you don’t have the software you need or you don’t run them regularly your computer can be rendered useless and your personal information can be stolen. Planning and protection is key!